My Eminent Speech

Hey guys, this is my speech for eminent.

That was the day he changed… Oh, hello. Come to see me in my museum? Well, best I tell you about the person you came to learn about. My name is … … “Sweet thing”. I’m about three foot two and made of Royal Oak. You have seen and heard about me and my brothers before.

We have been instruments of power, tools, objects of conflict and sometimes weapons. We are in all kinds of paintings, yet you never notice or take interest of us. Of me. You are looking at the human in the art. I am the best scepter of all our kind, and it is all because of my master, the one you are here to learn about. I was his first love, on his person for his greatest victory, and was there when he fell from grace.

When I first met my master, I knew we were meant to be together. He laid eyes on me, in his best robes, with my friend, corona, on his head. The second I came into full view, his eyes began to glitter. It was then I knew we would never be apart. We went everywhere together, every meeting every order, his (ugh) wedding. Everywhere. Then I met him.

They called him Christopher. Christopher Columbus. He was asking for money to go to India, or someplace. I thought it was ridiculous but, with encouragement from his (ugh) wife, the man named Chris went off with three ships to India, and came back from the new world, or someplace. The ships came back with a hero’s welcome. I could feel my master’s joy through the hand that clasped me. Joy mixed with anxiety. I was left by the throne that night, so I don’t know what happened. I just know he changed. Just a little, but he changed. It was the greatest victory of his life, but his life was far from over and, little did I know, the thing that will have him remembered most was still to come.

It was a relatively dark day. Good to go with the dark mood in the palace. There had been stories going around that followers of the king’s religion, my master’s religion, had been faking it, and were actually following other religions that weren’t allowed. My master was in a bad mood, and I still loved him, but neither bad mood nor any amount of love could counteract what he did. It was no conventional order that was for sure. The reports and rumors were increasing in volume, and my master griped me with more fierceness that before. Something big was coming. Something bad. If I had a choice, I would not have come to that order meeting, but I had no choice, so I went. The usual greetings were passed around; this has happened here, that happened there, so on. Then my master stood up. Then he started talking, passing an order. It was the most despicable order ever put across. It put Spain into its greatest reign of terror. On that would live forever in history of horror. The most brutal torture of “non-great-religion-followers”, followed by gory execution. The inspirer of other nations to do the same. The Spanish Inquisition. My master had fallen from grace, and nothing could bring him back.

I still sort of loved my master, but nothing could bring me to love him the same. He had released a holy terror into the land, and it stayed until his death. When he died, I was removed as an instrument of evil. And now I am here, in this museum. Doomed to tell what happened to whoever listens. But maybe you could do more that look and listen. Maybe you could take the message to other people. People listen to other people, not scepter. Tell them of my master, of his evil, but also of his good. That is my last wish upon this Earth, even if it is round. If you could accomplish this, I would be honoured to take you as my new master. So go, spread the word, and don’t forget: scepters have voices too.

Please tell me what you  think, and leave a comment if you have suggestions. Until next time,


2 thoughts on “My Eminent Speech”

  1. Lots of imaginary that drew me into your speech. You provide many sensory details, drawing me into your speech. Strong, concise vocabulary. Some of the phrases seem disconnected or a little choppy. Be careful where you place commas, because that is where you are supposed to take small break when you speak. Some of your commas are misplaced so if you take a small break in the wrong place it may confuse the audience, because they are not expecting it. I can hear your passion and connection in this speech. Have you timed your speech?

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