It has begun. The thing I have been told about so much. The in-depth project. Good thing I still have some insparation left over from eminent. I have tons of ideas and my skill is….(insert drumroll here)…. Sushi making! It is something thata I have always wanted to learn, but have never tried to.  The basics are aparently easy enough, but i want to get, well, more in- depth. There is a lot to learn and combonations to master and, of course, presentation is everything. Just saying now, it won’t be the best. It takes years to become good at making sushi, and the sushi masters never stop. Once I gather all the equipment and matireals, I will try and find a mentor. I have two  karate sensei who might know someone, I even have contacts in Japan if I need skype lessons. Even after the event, I will continue to learn and make sushi because it can really help later down the road for a high school level job and adds another thing to my cooking roster. I can’t wait to hit the gas and get going. As always if you have any questions, comments,  things you want me to add, or things you don’t understand, please leave your inquiry in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Good luck out there,

Christopher Adams

One thought on “RELEASE THE IN-DEPTH!!!!!!!”

  1. What is is about sushi making that fascinates you the most? What is your favorite type of sushi? Why? What might be some challenging areas for you to master? Why?
    Quirien MtK

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