Facing the Challenges

Hello everyone, its Christopher here to answer the questions put forth by today’s 360 learner session.
Challenge 1: The way I deal best with tension in a stressful situation is to have multiple ways to deal with stress in the same area, like lines of defence. Line one: think about something else for a moment, and then get back to work. Line two: stop your thought posses entirely for a moment, and then get back to work. Line three: have something like a stress ball or squishy mouse pad you can squeeze your stress into while you work. Line four (only do these lines if all else did not work): Stop what you are doing and do something else. This doesn’t mean stop working, just work on something else. For example, if one aspect of your homework is stressing you out, do your homework on another subject, then get back to it.
Challenge 2: While working on the lectures steps on how to deal with an ineffective boss, try and make up for your bosses weak points in the meantime, without offending him/her. Offending him/her would send you back to square zero.
Challenge 3: There are only a few hats I currently wear.
The learning hat: for school and homework.
The thinking cap: for problems, studying, and tests.
The hat of authority: for looking after my sister.
The hat of submission: for looking after my cats.
The fun hat: for anything not included above.
Challenge 4: Personally, I tend to focus more on production. I am always that guy that is second fiddle or behind the scenes. I dream big, but many bodies make the best results, so I give my idea and melt into the crowd of potential leaders.
Challenge 5: Being out front has its advantages: recognition, full support, and people under you to do the nitty gritty. But it also has its disadvantages: everyone is looking at you, so you have to look after them and take the brunt or blame if anything goes wrong.
Challenge 6: I would prefer to help others find their plan come together. I prefer this because then I get the good feeling of hard work, the happiness of completion, and the joy of helping a friend reaching their dream.
Challenge 7: One of the biggest ways I have faced the influence challenge is that I had a leader with a good idea, and I had an idea to make it great. It took me awhile to gather the courage to approach my leader with this change, and he totally ignored me. When I expressed this to my coworkers, one of them explained that he didn’t listen because of my rank, he only listened to words from people one level below him or higher. It was so ridiculous I thought I was in a Dilbert comic. Then the summer ended and I went back to school, and the improvement was forgotten.
That’s all for now! See you next time,

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