Combating (and Conquering) the Cucumber!

This week, I wanted to try a roll, so I started with the basic cucumber roll. The cucumber or Kappa Maki roll, as it is called in Japan, is the simplest roll around in the world of sushi with the only filling of, you guessed it, cucumber. The cucumber roll is great for finicky eaters and people afraid of catching something from rolls that contain fish, as well as vegans. Kappa Maki can be served with any East Asian meal, but back to my experience. The one thing you need to know about the first time rolling sushi is that it is HARD! Even with a bamboo mat, it is tough to keep the roll tight and together. Cutting can also easily become a disaster, as I found out with my attempt. Luckily, the mistakes can be eaten. The general opinion about them was that they were okay, but I think my salmon was more successful in taste and satisfaction. I plan to try harder on my next roll, whichever that is, and I will take any suggestions in the comments. I have yet to lock down a mentor at this point in time. Just a short post this time, but as always say what you want in the comments, and I hope to blog soon. By the way, all the pictures will be posted together in May in an online photo album/ library. Until next time,

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