Crowfoot’s Closing Statement

I am chief Crowfoot. I am the head of the Blackfoot and Blood tribes on the plains of new Canada. I have long held my people together during the worst times of our land. Losing our buffalo, our homeland, and our warriors to alcohol and disease has made us very weak. We have made peace, even at the cost of distrust and high crime. The Canadians have made me an offer, first presented to me in 1877. They will protect my people, and be considered part of the country (we will still live here), in exchange for the ability to count the lands as part of Canada, and putting a railway through my lands. The mounted police are a blessing to my land of high crime rates. The train will bring wealth and ease of transportation to my people. These and many other factions allowed me to accept their proposition. I will do it. I will sign treaty number 7.

This is the pelude to my post.

This is my first blog post about Crowfoot.

This is a couple comments from a debate with Thomas D’arcy McGee.

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