Social Studies Midterm

This half of the term has been wonderful. I felt that for the most part I did really well and understood the overall ideas put forward by the extraordinary teaching of Mr. Jackson. There were some shortcomings and misunderstandings, all of my fault, but other than that I feel great about what I accomplished so far and hope the second half goes just as well.

So far this term, I have found that I have done considerably well in some of the aspects that we have covered, specifically A1 (applying critical thinking skills), A3 (demonstrating effective written, oral, and graphic communicating skills), and C1 (describing the evolution of responsible government structure and key contributing events). I did this mostly by the three role-play blog posts, the 4 note-taking sessions, and our almost daily class discussions on any topic related to social studies. Through the blog posts (example my secondĀ post), I was able to take on the role of a pacifist aboriginal chief, and saw the world through his eyes, allowing me to express my ability to communicate ideas, opinions, and arguments in oral and written forms. My note-taking skills (ex. the session on 16/02/15) proved that I can draw conclusions about an issue, situation, or topic. Finally, our discussions a few weeks ago (about 20/03/15) proved I can describe the consequences of the 1837-38 rebellions. I found that reading material also helped in all of these categories for me. The blog posts are also a revolutionary idea that I do not have much experience with.

On the other hand, when it came to some of the topics, I found that I did not reach my full potential. These areas were B4 (Describe the factors that contributed to a changing identity), C4 (describe the structure and function of Canada’s federal, provincial, and local governments), and B1 (analyse Canadian society from 1815-1914 in terms of gender roles, ethnicity, daily life, and the arts). The feeling for the inadequacy of these categories is based off mostly the feeling that I did not do it for long enough. I feel if I had more time, I would do much better. For some of these topics it was also just not grasping the topic and unintelligibly not asking for help.

In conclusion, I felt very good about what I have accomplished this half of the term. I did have some trip-ups, and I made some mistakes, but I feel that I did very well and succeeded in my personal goals for this half. I hope for a second half of the term that is just as good, if not better, then the one I just had. Thank you, Mr. Jackson.

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