Give Me Your Land: a Canadian Expansion History

Of all the crazy and weird things that the early Canadians have done, the one that intrigues me the most is their treatment of occupied first nation territory and its people. Before it became a country, the people living in Canada were very friendly and kind to the first nations people. Why did that suddenly have to change? I personally think they went too far with the various treaties and residential schools. I believe they could have been lighter- handed and still have gotten all the things they wanted.  I am mostly drawn to the treatment of first nations people. It could have been handled so much better. It connects with the person I was for the role play and all the stuff we have been learning about and discussing in class for the last week.  I would love to know why Canada decided to cut the various treaties into chunks, and why they stopped briefly. I think it is possible to answer these questions, with the help of Canada’s record bank, and I hope to figure it out myself someday. I find that this topics connects to many other parts of the curriculum, such as C3, B3, and C1. It all relates because without first nations people, all of those events would have taken a very different course and outcome. In fact, I believe if first nations people never existed, Canada would not have such a rich and vibrant history. I wish for continued research in this topic. That is all I have to say for now. I hope to blog soon. Goodbye for now,


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