Speech Draft

Hello everyone, this is my speech for eminent at it’s current level. (Please note that everything in the speech is subject to change, revision, and suggestions.)

It’s sad, isn’t it? How mighty things can fall so quickly? How the empire built on my twenty years of dedicated service can fall apart in two? The Kingdom of Wu, MY Kingdom of Wu, is the most powerful in the land, and it is crumbling at the seams. The old king has died, and his son has taken the throne. Not to be rude, but he is nothing like his father. He is selfish and arrogant, and he threatens to kill any who oppose him, even the general that is the reason he even has a kingdom to play with. He doesn’t even seem to realize that the reason his kingdom is so large is that our enemies acted exactly as he is acting, and that is why they lost. The reason we are so great is that we don’t – or didn’t – act like him. He thinks he has walls, some impenetrable defence, but with arrogance, ignorance, insolence, assumption and stupidity, even the mightiest walls become thin air, where even your own forces can strike a deadly blow against you. I owe this king no loyalty, and the home I built when I was just a lowly hermit still stands, so I will go there and live the rest of my days in peace. Of course, if I do that, my teachings will be lost to the ages, because this king has no respect for the lessons that have been proven again and again. The only form of compromise I can think of is a book; a lowly book that will stop my ideas from rotting away with me. A book that proves that combat really is an art. I shall call it “The Art of War.”

If you wish to tell me what you think of it, let me know with a comment.


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