Return of the In-Depth

It is that time of year again, time to crank up the imagination and pick a project to spend many months working on for the glory of finding a mentor and presenting your learning in some way to everyone else. If you remember, last year I did sushi making. It had a good final product, but I could have worked on it more. This is why I plan to top last year with my new topic: five-string banjo! I choose this not just because I was inspired by a Pete Seeger performance, but also because I wanted to do an instrument which no one have done yet so that it could be different. I also thought the banjo would have a more interesting history than the guitar or ukulele. So far in perpetration for the project I have been researching places that may be able to rent be a banjo and give me a mentor (I do have a family member that plays the banjo, but he lives in Victoria and would not be able to do much face-to-face mentoring). After some research and help from Jordan, I have found one place that should answer both of my problems: Long and Mcquades. They have a very nice banjo that they are renting out at the Port Coquitlam branch for a reasonable price, and I have emailed the front desk about a mentor (expecting a reply on Monday). All in all I think this year will be very exciting, and I can’t wait to write it all in these blog posts. See you in week 4,
(P.S. this would have been published earlier but the server crash kept me out)

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