In-Depth Post #2

Going into week four of the in-depth project, I think my banjo is going well. I have purchased my banjo, and it work well. I know how to tune it, and I have started some research on the history of the instrument (apparently, it originated in Africa, not the United States). Most importantly, I have secured a mentor for the duration of the project. His mane is Josh, he is the banjo instructor for the local Long and Mcuade’s, and I have signed up for lessons with him on a weekly basis. He has many years of training with the banjo, and he has the permanent string grooves on his fingers to prove it. I only have half an hour with Josh, so I did not get the chance to ask about his wisdom or experiences, but the things I did glean from him in our first meeting were things like how to hold the banjo and some basic chords.┬áSome things I did learn for future teaching and mentoring perspectives is to start relatively slow, but have a clear plan of development clearly tailored to the student and final goal. I have my sheet of music and strumming patterns to take with me up to Kelowna this weekend, so I plan to make good on that over family day. See you in the next couple weeks.

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