Social Studies. I’ll Come Up With A Creative Name Later.

Well, as social studies have started up again, this shall be my first document of learning for 2016. The first thing I am putting forward is my biggest comment from last year: don’t rush. I have to learn to slow down, look things over carefully, and catch my mistakes. Personal behaviors aside, I also want to improve my abilities for conversation/ debates about the current topic (i.e. contributing more in class and on twitter). These goals more or less fit into the competency of communication, specifically the explain/recount and reflect and the acquire, interpret, and present information parts.

The big idea I want us to focus the most on this year is disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies. The biggest reason for this preference is that it complements my favorite part of history the most: learning about the people themselves. When we can state the name of someone and exactly what they did, that I what go into history hoping to do. I have no particular reason for this preference, it is just something I have always liked, and I hope to do a lot more of it this year.

I have no particular issue or questions about the curricular competencies, but I have the most  interest in learning and developing the communication and social responsibility competency because they can help me achieve  my goals for the course and life in general. I suppose my biggest question about our reading on Columbus would be  is it fair to judge his actions by modern standards, and would he have gone on his exploration if he knew how it would end, and the suffering it would cause? Another question I have is will we be reading the rest of the book, because it sounds like a very valuable recourse.

That is all from me for now. I am looking forward to a fun and successful semester, and hope to post soon,


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