In-Depth Post Week 8

After many weeks of working on my in-depth I have visibly noticed an increase in my ability as a banjo player. Josh is a great mentor, and I hope to stick with him to the end of the project.

So far the most difficult mentoring challenge between me and Josh is the timing. Our meetings are only half an hour long, so we have to make all the learning count and doesn’t leave much time for social interaction beyond the usual “hello, how are you?” and so forth. I plan to improve on this situation by taking multiple lessons during spring break, because I feel that would improve my overall quality of playing significantly.

What has been working really well between us right now is the mentoring style and the way I am learning new information. Because the time we have together is limited, our meeting usually only serve for Josh to asses my playing and give me a song that he thinks is relevant to my playing skill. After going over the song a couple times with him, I spend the rest of the week working on it. When Thursday rolls around again, I show him how well I have accomplished my “homework” and he assess me again on my ability, and the cycle begins anew.

The biggest thing that could be working better is my ability. This is of no particular fault of anyone, I just need to practice more. I plan to work on this by budgeting specific time in my schedule, sticking to the schedule, and  going to the extra lessons during spring break. The timing of my lessons is also a little awkward, but I plan on taking an earlier slot during spring break because there is no school.

That’s all I have for now, see you after spring break!


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  1. What songs are you learning? Share a soundcloud please. What has been most challenging about learning these songs? How often are you practising? Setting up a practice schedule makes sense. It takes at least10,000 hours to get very good at something. Not something I am expecting right now!

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