UK > EU?

For this next installment of my social studies learning I will talk about the upcoming referendum  in the United Kingdom about weather or not they should remain in the European Union.

Many Mayors and other leaders of municipal governments want to leave because they don’t like the influx of immigrants and they think being in the Union is making them a risk for terrorist attacks. Basically, for the same reasons Donald Drumpf wants to build a wall across the Mexican Border. Their opposition is led By David Cameron and the county’s government, saying that it is not worth losing the trade, safe travel, protection, investments and regulations imposed by the rest of the Union. Personally, I would side with David Cameron on this, but this looks like a topic that will be open to debate for the months to come, until the country goes to vote on the 23rd of June.

I do have some questions about this topic. Things like: why are people so easily swayed by fear? Why is the threat of terrorism so great to countries so far removed? Should younger people be allowed to vote on the issue like with Scotland? These questions mainly have to do with human nature, but human nature is the reason we have this problem in the first place.

People in Canada should care about this more than commonwealth sympathy because the European union is a machine of many gears, and removing pieces would make the whole machine collapse. The world economy would not be able to handle a country like the UK to flounder around die, a result which would ultimately happen if the country separates, a lá the Scottish referendum.

I have gained this information from multiple scores, namely discussions with Kelvin and Oliver on the forum, online magazine The Week, and the BBC website.

The many causes of the issue are that this was a campaign promise of the conservative party during the last election, and a major pledge and the euro-skeptics of the party keeping them to their word. David tried to change it so that it would be a “reformed” EU, but the Brexit campaign has shut him down.

The various opinions of this debate are the one championed by David Cameron, that it is a bad idea and Britain would fail on it’s own  without the benefits of being in the EU. The other main opinion, championed by most of the municipal government heads, is that being in the EU is making them a target for things like the unchecked levels of immigration and Islamic terrorism.

Personally, I am with the “stay” party because while leaving would be good for the short term, I think that staying  is what is best for the country in the long term.  We shall see what the UK thinks on the 23rd of June.

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