In-Depth Week 16

As a general update, all of my practicing with Josh is paying off. We connect really well and our meetings are always productive. I believe our methods are effective, and I have learned much from them. My skill as a banjo player has advanced significantly over the last few weeks, and I feel (mostly) ready for the upcoming in-depth night. My main plan is to do a performance of the popular banjo song, cripple creek, but I am also planning to have a small learning center about the history of the instrument and possibly writing a short essay on the topic, to be submitted as proof of research. ┬áIt is a bit much, but I think I can pull it off pretty well. I don’t have a whole lot after school, so this should fill the void, and I have already started. I would never be able to summarize my learning in two minutes, anyway. Until next time,


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