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From the Text: The Event of My Character’s Importance

This link is to a letter by the Marshal de Broglie, the head of the army, telling the leader of the Bastille to make some changes to how the prison operated due to an increase in unrest. Some of the changes he suggested were implemented, but they did not halt the aggression. Led in part by my character (and spurred on by a certain shouting prisoner), a mass mob of poorly armed French third estaters  smashed and destroyed the prison, freeing prisoners and stealing weapons and ammo. This proved once and for all to the royals that the commoners were not to be messed with, and the demand for respect resonated to spur the more open major killing bit of the French Revolution.

In-Depth Week 16

As a general update, all of my practicing with Josh is paying off. We connect really well and our meetings are always productive. I believe our methods are effective, and I have learned much from them. My skill as a banjo player has advanced significantly over the last few weeks, and I feel (mostly) ready for the upcoming in-depth night. My main plan is to do a performance of the popular banjo song, cripple creek, but I am also planning to have a small learning center about the history of the instrument and possibly writing a short essay on the topic, to be submitted as proof of research.  It is a bit much, but I think I can pull it off pretty well. I don’t have a whole lot after school, so this should fill the void, and I have already started. I would never be able to summarize my learning in two minutes, anyway. Until next time,


What Do You Meme? (DOL #3)

empire sepsaliensCfjG8FtVIAEcDd7My meme big idea is the theory that the Americans could not have beat the British Empire in the Revolutionary war without outside help from other countries such as France. This connects to Zinn/Hamilton because that is the time period when they took place and they have several mentions to the fact that the French army helped them with their revolution and probably won the whole thing for them (and then proceeded to be forgotten by the Americans when the US ducked out of helping in the French revolution). This also connects to current events with the fact that immigrants and foreigners helped them make the country, and now they are turning them away and trying to force them out (ahem, Mr Drumpf, ahem). The invasions, subjugation’s and manipulations are almost exactly how the British Empire ran the world and made the Americans want to leave them in the first place. The America of now has become the British Empire of then.