I am Crowfoot

I am Isapo-Muxika, of the blackfoot people since I was 5 (formerly of blood tribe). It is the year of 1838. I am 18 years old. My big brother, Crow Big Foot, was murdered. I assembled a war band and tracked down the murderers, And my followers gave me my brother’s name (shortened by the police). I live in the blackfoot tribe with my mother, Attacked Toward Home, my grandfather, Scabby Bull, my little brother, Iron Shield, and my step-father, Many Names, who is chief. I am heir for chiefdom as of my older brothers death. The white men have not quite expanded to where we live, and the buffalo are still plenty. The white men are not here in great number, but their influence is spreading quickly in the forms of guns, smallpox, and alcohol. I see the alcohol destroying the great warriors of the tribe and I hope it is doing the same to the other tribes, for our sake. I hear whispers of a confederation among the white men. Something called a government, whatever that is. I have no affiliation  about the white men, but the mounted police do sound like a good idea. I think the white men will come, and when they do, I will do all in my power to prevent war. Now time to prepare for winter. . . I think it will be a long one.

Combating (and Conquering) the Cucumber!

This week, I wanted to try a roll, so I started with the basic cucumber roll. The cucumber or Kappa Maki roll, as it is called in Japan, is the simplest roll around in the world of sushi with the only filling of, you guessed it, cucumber. The cucumber roll is great for finicky eaters and people afraid of catching something from rolls that contain fish, as well as vegans. Kappa Maki can be served with any East Asian meal, but back to my experience. The one thing you need to know about the first time rolling sushi is that it is HARD! Even with a bamboo mat, it is tough to keep the roll tight and together. Cutting can also easily become a disaster, as I found out with my attempt. Luckily, the mistakes can be eaten. The general opinion about them was that they were okay, but I think my salmon was more successful in taste and satisfaction. I plan to try harder on my next roll, whichever that is, and I will take any suggestions in the comments. I have yet to lock down a mentor at this point in time. Just a short post this time, but as always say what you want in the comments, and I hope to blog soon. By the way, all the pictures will be posted together in May in an online photo album/ library. Until next time,

The Frustrating Search for A Mentor+ Fun With Salmon

Week two and three have gone bye already! What! These last couple weeks have been very hectic for me. I had many extracurricular and social events, but I managed to ask many times for potential mentors. So far none have succeeded. I have asked from experienced kitchen chefs to professionals with their own restaurants, but all have had things that conflicted with helping me. One is renovating his restaurant; others are too busy with the rest of their lives. And still there are others, who don’t trust their knowledge but know many people. I have employed said people as agents, keeping their ears to the ground and telling me if they know of anyone who can help. In the meantime, bored of waiting and anxious to start, I got out a book from my local library, bought some ingredients, and cooked a Japanese meal with my mom. She made all the side dishes and such and I made the main course: salmon “hat” style sushi. The result was a surprising success, for a first time. The rice and sashimi were half decent, and the thing was not overpowered by vinegar. I was very proud of the result, considering I had no formal experience and limited knowledge. Pictures will follow, as soon as I upload them. Keep in mind; I made what is essentially the easiest sushi there is to make. The skill and difficulty will increase, I promise you. That’s all for now, I’m sorry this was late; I will make it up in the future. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section, along with any suggestions for what I should try to make next. See you next time,
Christopher Adams

Facing the Challenges

Hello everyone, its Christopher here to answer the questions put forth by today’s 360 learner session.
Challenge 1: The way I deal best with tension in a stressful situation is to have multiple ways to deal with stress in the same area, like lines of defence. Line one: think about something else for a moment, and then get back to work. Line two: stop your thought posses entirely for a moment, and then get back to work. Line three: have something like a stress ball or squishy mouse pad you can squeeze your stress into while you work. Line four (only do these lines if all else did not work): Stop what you are doing and do something else. This doesn’t mean stop working, just work on something else. For example, if one aspect of your homework is stressing you out, do your homework on another subject, then get back to it.
Challenge 2: While working on the lectures steps on how to deal with an ineffective boss, try and make up for your bosses weak points in the meantime, without offending him/her. Offending him/her would send you back to square zero.
Challenge 3: There are only a few hats I currently wear.
The learning hat: for school and homework.
The thinking cap: for problems, studying, and tests.
The hat of authority: for looking after my sister.
The hat of submission: for looking after my cats.
The fun hat: for anything not included above.
Challenge 4: Personally, I tend to focus more on production. I am always that guy that is second fiddle or behind the scenes. I dream big, but many bodies make the best results, so I give my idea and melt into the crowd of potential leaders.
Challenge 5: Being out front has its advantages: recognition, full support, and people under you to do the nitty gritty. But it also has its disadvantages: everyone is looking at you, so you have to look after them and take the brunt or blame if anything goes wrong.
Challenge 6: I would prefer to help others find their plan come together. I prefer this because then I get the good feeling of hard work, the happiness of completion, and the joy of helping a friend reaching their dream.
Challenge 7: One of the biggest ways I have faced the influence challenge is that I had a leader with a good idea, and I had an idea to make it great. It took me awhile to gather the courage to approach my leader with this change, and he totally ignored me. When I expressed this to my coworkers, one of them explained that he didn’t listen because of my rank, he only listened to words from people one level below him or higher. It was so ridiculous I thought I was in a Dilbert comic. Then the summer ended and I went back to school, and the improvement was forgotten.
That’s all for now! See you next time,

Answering the Mythical Leadership Questions

Hello everyone, here’s the answers to the questions about the myths in class today.
Myth 1: The unique skills that I could pass to others could be that I am great at remembering facts and could teach my ways to remember certain things. Not all people can perform that skill that well though, so I can also teach reading skills to people of all ages that need them.
Myth 2: I often take the lead on projects when needed. I always help and chip in ideas, but I only take the lead if no one else does. You can’t stand out from your peers if you only do what you are supposed to do. People who go above and beyond usually get noticed, and the people who go below get fired.
Myth 3: What usually prompts me to follow someone else is if they have an idea and conviction to work towards and the ability to follow up on their plans and ideas that I agree with.
Myth 4: What I think makes a leader valuable to an organization is the ability to set direction. A whole team of workers might accomplish nothing if no one tells them what to work towards.
Myth 5: Yes. If you go up the chain the colder it is, the harder it is to climb, and the more the other links rely on you. If you break, everyone below you falls.
Myth 6: I am capable of achieving an education, a great job, and a respectable life. A major in law would get me a great lawyer job and get me enough income to lead a life that everyone can respect.
Myth 7: The prospects for getting to the top are the illusion of control. People think they have unnatural power over things that cannot be controlled, and people listen to them out of fear for their jobs. My motivation for such a job would be to try and dispel those rumors and illusions. (If you read Dilbert, I also want to become a CEO so I can jump ship with a golden parachute.)
That’s all for now! See you next time,



It has begun. The thing I have been told about so much. The in-depth project. Good thing I still have some insparation left over from eminent. I have tons of ideas and my skill is….(insert drumroll here)…. Sushi making! It is something thata I have always wanted to learn, but have never tried to.  The basics are aparently easy enough, but i want to get, well, more in- depth. There is a lot to learn and combonations to master and, of course, presentation is everything. Just saying now, it won’t be the best. It takes years to become good at making sushi, and the sushi masters never stop. Once I gather all the equipment and matireals, I will try and find a mentor. I have two  karate sensei who might know someone, I even have contacts in Japan if I need skype lessons. Even after the event, I will continue to learn and make sushi because it can really help later down the road for a high school level job and adds another thing to my cooking roster. I can’t wait to hit the gas and get going. As always if you have any questions, comments,  things you want me to add, or things you don’t understand, please leave your inquiry in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Good luck out there,

Christopher Adams

Night of the notables reflection

Well, its the day after the night of the notables, and I can safely say it was a success. Aside from the so called eminent hangover, there is a real sense of a job well done. The setup was quick, the food was great, the ten speeches were lively, and lots of people loved my learning centre. It drew unexpected crowds of people and everyone wanted to learn from the box. The only drawback was that it was hot! The hoodie, the position I was in, and the mostly closed box made it sweltering. My regular voice is very stretched, but my monotone voice was just fine that night. I loved the whole thing, and cant wait for next year. Until next time,

Christopher Adams

Learning Centre Post

Hey guys, for those who did not see it, this is my learning centre.

Image tHawks to Mr. Jackson's flickr page.
My learning centre

How it works is: the sceptre in the box (me) will tell you information on various aspects of Ferdinand’s life depending on what button you press. The box is made of cardboard, wrapping paper, scotch tape, masking tape, paper (for images on side of box), and ornate texture paper. The set is finished by me wearing a shiny gold glitter hoodie and speaking in a monotone, robot- like voice about things like the start of the Spanish Inquisition. This may be one of my last posts on this topic, so thank you for being a great audience and readers.

My Eminent Speech

Hey guys, this is my speech for eminent.

That was the day he changed… Oh, hello. Come to see me in my museum? Well, best I tell you about the person you came to learn about. My name is … … “Sweet thing”. I’m about three foot two and made of Royal Oak. You have seen and heard about me and my brothers before.

We have been instruments of power, tools, objects of conflict and sometimes weapons. We are in all kinds of paintings, yet you never notice or take interest of us. Of me. You are looking at the human in the art. I am the best scepter of all our kind, and it is all because of my master, the one you are here to learn about. I was his first love, on his person for his greatest victory, and was there when he fell from grace.

When I first met my master, I knew we were meant to be together. He laid eyes on me, in his best robes, with my friend, corona, on his head. The second I came into full view, his eyes began to glitter. It was then I knew we would never be apart. We went everywhere together, every meeting every order, his (ugh) wedding. Everywhere. Then I met him.

They called him Christopher. Christopher Columbus. He was asking for money to go to India, or someplace. I thought it was ridiculous but, with encouragement from his (ugh) wife, the man named Chris went off with three ships to India, and came back from the new world, or someplace. The ships came back with a hero’s welcome. I could feel my master’s joy through the hand that clasped me. Joy mixed with anxiety. I was left by the throne that night, so I don’t know what happened. I just know he changed. Just a little, but he changed. It was the greatest victory of his life, but his life was far from over and, little did I know, the thing that will have him remembered most was still to come.

It was a relatively dark day. Good to go with the dark mood in the palace. There had been stories going around that followers of the king’s religion, my master’s religion, had been faking it, and were actually following other religions that weren’t allowed. My master was in a bad mood, and I still loved him, but neither bad mood nor any amount of love could counteract what he did. It was no conventional order that was for sure. The reports and rumors were increasing in volume, and my master griped me with more fierceness that before. Something big was coming. Something bad. If I had a choice, I would not have come to that order meeting, but I had no choice, so I went. The usual greetings were passed around; this has happened here, that happened there, so on. Then my master stood up. Then he started talking, passing an order. It was the most despicable order ever put across. It put Spain into its greatest reign of terror. On that would live forever in history of horror. The most brutal torture of “non-great-religion-followers”, followed by gory execution. The inspirer of other nations to do the same. The Spanish Inquisition. My master had fallen from grace, and nothing could bring him back.

I still sort of loved my master, but nothing could bring me to love him the same. He had released a holy terror into the land, and it stayed until his death. When he died, I was removed as an instrument of evil. And now I am here, in this museum. Doomed to tell what happened to whoever listens. But maybe you could do more that look and listen. Maybe you could take the message to other people. People listen to other people, not scepter. Tell them of my master, of his evil, but also of his good. That is my last wish upon this Earth, even if it is round. If you could accomplish this, I would be honoured to take you as my new master. So go, spread the word, and don’t forget: scepters have voices too.

Please tell me what you  think, and leave a comment if you have suggestions. Until next time,


Document of Learning Post

Hi guys, sorry for not writing lately, I have been re-searching. The book has not been as forthcoming of information as I hoped.

For my document of learning, I am giving a preview of my speech. It will be set in the character of king Ferdinand’s scepter. It was on his person when he ordered the Spanish inquisition. When I started this, I wanted to know if Ferdinand was strong-armed into pushing the bill, but so far I have found no evidence to support this theory. This has led me to the conclusion that he was a monster in every sense when it came to fake converts. The scepter does not care about this part of its master, though. He is its owner, and that’s all that counts. But the scepter is shocked when it views his master sending the bill for the inquisition. It sees the surprised faces of the other lords at the thought if the action, but they all sign in agreement. This started the first inquisition. The scepter hates what his master (thoughtfully nicknamed Ferdi) has become. He grips the scepter with a hellish hate. It hates that, hates it almost as much as the masters wife, Isabella.

That is the preview. The actual speech is to broken to be shown as a draft, so it will come out at a later date. In other news, I am having a problem with my learning center. By that, I mean I don’t know what to do for it. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please leave a comment when you are finished reading this. No one has commented yet on my blog. Please, you don’t have to be in my quad. It does not have to be interesting, just prove I am not just writing to empty space on the Internet. Leave a comment. Until next time,